Boosting New Space in Europe

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." 

Albert Einstein
Theoretical physicist 1879 - 1955

Our Opportunity

We believe that the future of space is emerging in Europe. More than 250 startups in Europe are turning established business models upside down. 

No longer missions and government contracts alone but complex issues of a digital society, its environmental risks, networked platforms and IoT soon in almost all areas of life are the growth drivers in the booming new space industry.

If the established players in space still did their business with rockets, sensors and satellites, the new disruptive satellite operators and their industry peers are pushing into the solutions business downstream to the end of the value chain.

High Relevance

Space will be the key enabler of connectivity and autonomous mobility

Long-term growth

Space is at the intersection of a number of long-term megatrends including autonomous transport and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Technological Disruption

Technological advances are upending traditional business models in space. Access to space is democratizing and will soon be an off-the-shelf commodity.

Changed economy "New Space"

Artificial intelligence capabilities are creating new commercial application opportunities.

The right timing

A new digital infrastructure in space is being funded with billions in venture capital in the last 5 years and is about to launch into space to provide the capabilities that will define the new digital age in the coming decade. 

Focus on Environment, Social and Governance

 Satellite imagery provides important insights and guidance on the environmental impact of society and corporate activities. 

Valuation gap Europe

Unlike in the US, valuation multiples in Europe are on average lower. The expected catch-up effects in Europe create comparatively attractive entry conditions. 


New Space Sectors

The cost of upstream constellations (acquisition) will continue to fall. Unrefined, unintelligent geospatial data will be available, if not for free, at least at a fraction of today's prices to anyone (democratization of access to space). With processing and access (dissemination) finally refinement to intelligent data (intelligence), with insights, forecast information and the context of an industry-specific vertical application, as well as contractual business (recurring revenue), significant valuation multiples will emerge. The end of the value chain (intelligence), the last mile to the customer, will therefore determine sustainable, defensible business models in New Space. The New Space value creation of data, starting with acquisition, via dissemination to intelligence, develops its players from hardware in the upstream stages downstream to the customer, in their vertical domains.


New Space companies build and launch satellites with different sensors to collect different types of data from space for a variety of use cases. They disrupt existing paradigm and do so at significantly lower cost. Either such companies sell technology such as sensors or satellites or operate constellations in a Data-as-a-Service model.


Further downstream New Space companies additionally offer scalable and data-agnostic cloud environments and supporting tools for storing and processing satellite data to build business with Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service.


Finally, at the end of the value chain, companies offer expert system and solutions that provide valuable insights and forecasts for specific customer use cases.


Why with us?

For successful investment strategies, a deep knowledge of the European space industry, European institutions is as important as the cycle of the European digital economy and relevant industry sectors.
Ultimately, access to smart investment capital will also determine the competitiveness of the New Space industry in Europe.
We, Einstein Industries Ventures, have a deep understanding 
- of the fundamental value drivers of the industry,
- the crucial technology leaps,
- private equity and venture capital
- about the co-competitive interaction of the individual players in Europe and
- the innovative business models oriented towards customer benefit

We are dedicated to create significant value - for its investors, for the industry, for society and ultimately for Europe.


General Partner


​​Focus "Downstream":

Software and information solutions, digital business models, M&A, corporate governance



  • Member of the Board and Shareholder of Next.e.GO Mobile SE

  • Board Member, CDO Heidelberg, Global Head of IT, Sales, Software Services, Subscription

  • CEO of Wolters Kluwer Central Europe, Heading Regulatory Information Solutions, M&A


Ulrich Hermann

Managing General Partner

Christoph Keese.jpg

Focus "Downstream":

Digital Business Models, Financial Models, Investor Relation, Start Up, Tech Innovation


  • CEO of Axel Springer hy

  • Advisory board member at Lakestar, POLITICO, Signa Sports United among others

  • Drove Axel Springer’s digital growth as EVP with deep dealmaking expertise



Christoph Keese

Managing General Partner

Marco Fuchs_edited.jpg

Focus "Upstream":

European Space, EU Institutions, Satellite Systems, Public Procurement


  • CEO and Shareholder of OHB SE and OHB System AG

  • Former lawyer at Jones Day 

  • Vice President of the BDLI – German Aerospace Industries Association


Marco Fuchs

General Partner

JH headshot blue challenge.JPG

Focus "Investments":

Venture Capital, Investment Committee


  • Senior leadership roles at JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank with responsibility for equity capital and derivative markets businesses

  • Global Head Equity Markets Unicredit, Member of the Executive Committee of Unicredit’s Global Financing Group, Chair of Unicredit’s Global Equity Commitments Committee

  • Board positions with start-up and scale-up companies (B2B software, healthcare, fintech)


Dr. Jana Hecker

Managing General Partner

Arndt Geiwitz.jpeg

Focus "Investments":

Business valuation, M&A, due diligence, financing


  • Auditor, Tax Consultant, Managing Director 

  • Expert in corporate law, restructurings and reorganizations

  • Member of MT Aerospace supervisory board et all


Arndt Geiwitz

General Partner

Hans steininger.jpeg

Focus "Upstream":

Space Tech Production, New Space, Space Tech R&D, M&A, Private Equity


  • CEO of MT Aerospace

  • Founder and Managing Partner of Apollo Capital Partners

  • Formerly held several management positions at BMW


Hans Steininger

Managing General Partner

Advisory Board & People

August von Joest.jpeg

Focus "Investors":

Venture Capital, Fund Raising, Investors Relation, Investment Committee


  • Co Founder Join Capital Venture Fund

  • Senior Founding Partner Odewald & Cie

  • many years' experience in aviation and defense, corporate finance, private equity and venture capital


August von Joest

Chairman Advisory Board

B. v Oesterreich 28 CdG July 2021.jpg

Focus "Investors":

Venture Capital, Investors Relation,

Investment Committee


  • Extensive experience in the global financial sector

  • Founder and Managing Partner of BVO Consult GmbH

  • Senior Advisor in investment-, M&A- and transformation processes

  • Formerly several executive positions, e.g. at Deutsche Bank Group Frankfurt, New York, London


Bettina von Oesterreich

Advisory Board


Focus "Upstream":

Space Industry, Space Institutions, Space Agencies, EU-Government


  • Director General of ESA, serving from 2003 to 2015

  • Chairman of RFA supervisory board

  • Professorships at the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées


Jean-Jacques Dordain

Advisory Board

Jean-Yves Le Gall_edited.jpg

Focus "Upstream":

Space Industry, Launchers, Space Agencies


  • Former President of the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)

  • Former Chair Council of the European Space Agency (ESA) 

  • Former Chairman & CEO Arianespace


Jean-Yves Le Gall

Advisory Board

Foto Diane Zetzmann-Krien.JPG

Focus "Investment Relations":

Finance, M&A


  • CFO of TRUMPF Lasertechnik GmbH

  • Formerly held several executive positions in banking

  • Member of several supervisory boards, e.g. LVM Insurance



Diane Zetzmann-Krien

Advisory Board

Foto Dr Simon Mitterreiter.jpg

Chief of Staff to the General Partners


  • Chief of Staff to Christoph Keese, one of Germany's best known thought leaders on digital transformation

  • Vast experience in the fields of driving innovation for clients at hy - The Axel Springer Consulting Group

  • Former Research Associate at ESCP Business School (holds a PhD in Business Administration)


Dr. Simon Mitterreiter

Chief of Staff to the General Partners

Foto Alexander Beck 1.jpg

Focus "Investments":

Corporate Finance, Strategy Consulting


  • Consultant at hy - The Axel Springer Consulting Group with a focus on Spacs, VCs, commercial due diligence

  • Analyst at Commerzbank’s leading mid-cap Leveraged Finance franchise in Frankfurt

  • B.Sc. in Banking and Finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and semester abroad at Boston University


Alexander Beck

Junior Investment Professional

Foto Sarah_.jpg

Junior Investor Relations Manager


  • Sound experiences in the fields of Impact Investing in affiliation with Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals

  • Previously working for the Global Perspectives Initiative in the Program Line Economics for the global South, focusing on digitalization, future trends, and investing in Sub-Sahara Africa
  • Former International and Emerging Markets Business Student at Maastricht University (B.Sc)


Sarah Löwentraut

Junior Investment Professional