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Assessment of
Space-Enabled Applications
in the Automotive Sector

Commissioned by ESA – Reference: ESA-EDG-2023-001
In cooperation with

Space Tech and Autonomous Cars:
A New Era unfolds

The advent of the software-defined vehicle is positioned to bring about significant shifts in the automotive industry's value chain. The integration of software, connectivity, and AI at the core marks a profound transformation in the industry. While space technology has traditionally played a role in customer experiences, such as navigation and e-Call, its impact will substantially intensify as vehicles become autonomous, intelligent, and electrical.

Meanwhile, the space sector has revolutionized its value chain. New Space, marked by significantly reduced costs, has made access to space capabilities more accessible. The interaction between the transforming automotive industry and the new space sector will define its future operational model, offering significant business opportunities coupled with critical risks related to delays and loss of focus. Without effective management, the EU automotive and space sectors could face critical dependencies on rapidly advancing tech powers, particularly from China and the US.

It was in this context that the European Space Agency's (ESA) Commercialisation Gateway commissioned a study on space-enabled applications in the automotive sector to Einstein Space Consulting, a company of Einstein Industries Ventures. In cooperation with Porsche Consulting and Acitoflux, the autors of the study succeeded in working out the role of space-based services in the automotive value chain, evaluating their economic and sustainability effects. The team was supported by SAP, Ergo and OHB and was able to process content from interviews and surveys of more than 250 industry experts.

In a comprehensive evaluation based on the studies database of technology providers and use cases, the study provides action guidelines for both, companies in the space industry for new offerings in mobility and the automotive industry to break completely new ground with new technologies.

The aspiration of this study is to raise awareness, encourage collaboration between the two EU industry sectors to develop new and innovative solutions. We invite interested readers to explore the exciting and surprising insights offered by this study.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hermann
Editor in Chief, Senior Author

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