Arndt Geiwitz


Arndt Geiwitz is renowned for his expertise in restructuring and transformation matters for over 25 years. As the Managing Partner at SGP Schneider Geiwitz group of law firms, Geiwitz oversees a team of 350 professionals across 24 locations. With his extensive experience and expertise, Geiwitz has been regularly appointed to handle high-profile proceedings across Germany and has made a significant impact in various industry sectors.

Geiwitz’s knowledge of the aerospace/new space sector has been acquired, among other things, as a member of the supervisory board of MT Aerospace, a subsidiary of OHB SE. Additionally, Geiwitz has provided guidance to a prominent German supplier of complex measurement trains, assisting them in incorporating New Space technologies through satellite control. This approach aimed to expand value creation and develop effective responses to the rapidly changing business landscape driven by disruptive forces. Arndt Geiwitz brings valuable insights and strategic guidance to Einstein Industries Ventures.

His profound knowledge and experience extend beyond restructuring and turnaround activities, encompassing a deep understanding of start-ups and scale-ups. Notably, Geiwitz has played a pivotal role as a co-founding partner of Vejo, an American-German foodtech start-up. He provided advisory support throughout the entire journey, from conceptualisation and technological implementation to market launch, customer acquisition, and revenue generation.

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