Ali Vezvaei

Senior Advisor

Ali Vezvaei is a distinguished professional in the fields of private Equity, Venture Capital, and financing. He currently holds the prominent position of CEO at nd Group B.V., where he leads the company's strategic direction and oversees its operations.

In addition to his role at nd Group, Ali Vezvaei serves as the Chairman of Next.e.GO Mobile SE and Arcore Ltd. These chairmanships highlight his leadership skills and his ability to guide companies in their strategic endeavors, particularly in the sectors of mobile technology and corporate development.

Furthermore, Ali is the CEO of Ecolog International, a role that showcases his expertise in managing large-scale international operations. His position at Ecolog International signifies his responsibility for driving the company's growth, managing its global presence, and ensuring its operational excellence. Ali's diverse roles across various companies reflect his versatility and adeptness in leading organizations in different sectors and navigating complex business landscapes.

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