Bettina von Oesterreich

Senior Advisor

Bettina von Oesterreich is a seasoned professional with a focus on "Investors," specializing in venture capital, investor relations, and investment committee roles. With a wealth of experience in the global financial sector, Bettina has made significant contributions to the industry.

As the Founder and Managing Partner of BVO Consult GmbH, Bettina has demonstrated her expertise in providing strategic advice and guidance to clients in investment, mergers and acquisitions, and transformation processes. Her extensive knowledge and experience have enabled her to navigate complex financial landscapes and drive successful outcomes for her clients.

Prior to establishing BVO Consult, Bettina held several executive positions, including roles at Deutsche Bank Group in Frankfurt, New York, and London. Through these positions, she gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the global financial sector and developed a deep understanding of investment dynamics.

With her focus on venture capital, investor relations, and investment committee roles, Bettina von Oesterreich is highly regarded in the investor community. Her extensive experience, combined with her strategic expertise, positions her as a trusted advisor in guiding investment strategies and driving successful outcomes for her clients.

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