Hans Steininger

Senior Advisor

Hans Steininger is considered one of the most renowned corporate leaders and experts in the aerospace sector. He has a master's degree in aerospace engineering and an MBA in engineering and industrial engineering from the Technical University of Munich and held several management positions at BMW.

As CEO of MT Aerospace, Steininger has steered the company to take a leading international position in lightweight construction utilizing metal and composite materials for space transportation, satellites, and aircraft equipment. With an order volume of ten percent, MT Aerospace is the largest supplier for the Ariane program outside France.

Since 2016, he has been an esteemed member of the Board of Trustees of Munich Aerospace, a distinguished Bavarian research network responsible for coordinating aerospace technology research in the greater Munich area.

As the founder and Managing Partner of Apollo Capital Partners, Steininger has played a pivotal role in driving investment and development in space-related businesses, consistently achieving impressive double-digit returns. His proficiency in M&A and private equity has allowed him to identify promising ventures and provide strategic guidance for their growth and success.

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