Marco Fuchs

Senior Advisor

Marco Fuchs is one of Europe’s leading space entrepreneurs. Since becoming OHB’s CEO in 2000, he grew what had been a small family business into a globally operating satellite manufacturer and a top 3 European space company which is exchange listed. OHB SE won the EU’s Galileo satellite navigation system tender, expanded its workforce to around 3,000 employees and achieved revenues exceeding €1 billion. Fuchs' commitment to innovation has positioned him as a visionary leader and pioneer in the field.

Throughout his career, Fuchs has been a passionate advocate for European space initiatives, actively fostering collaboration among EU institutions, space agencies, and industry stakeholders. As the CEO of OHB SE, Vice President of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), and investors in numerous startups (including Constellr and Searoutes), he has continuously pushed the boundaries of space exploration and demonstrated his commitment to ensuring the global competitiveness of European satellite systems.

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