Yvonne Pichert

Senior Consultant, Einstein Space Consulting

Yvonne Pichert is a highly experienced professional in the fields of investment management and banking, with almost 20 years of expertise, primarily garnered in London. She has a strong background in representing diverse investment teams, managing their business aspects and dealing with high-level client relations.

Her tenure at Wellington Management in London stands out as a significant part of her career. There, Yvonne served as an Investment Director responsible for a range of equity and multi-asset investment teams. In this role, she effectively represented these teams with large institutional clients and family offices across the globe, showcasing her adeptness in client management and investment strategy. Her role also included managing all business aspects of the investment teams, including capacity, pricing and risk management.

Prior to her time at Wellington Management, Yvonne held notable positions at JPMorgan Chase as a Vice President in the Investor Services and Investment Bank. She advised European corporations on their US listings, participated in US roadshows, and was involved in several M&A projects in the energy sector.

Yvonne's professional journey began at IBM Consulting Group in Frankfurt, after completing with distinction the work & study program with a focus on computer science sponsored by IBM. Her diverse experiences across different roles and locations underscore her versatile skill set and the ability to leverage it in various areas of the finance and banking industry. Yvonne is also a Fulbright alumnus and CFA charterholder.

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