Sarah Löwentraut

Investment Professional

Sarah Löwentraut is a seasoned professional with a strong focus on "Fundraising." With a wealth of experience, Sarah has played a significant role in impact investing, working closely with Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals.

Having worked for the Global Perspectives Initiative in the Program Line Economics for the global South, Sarah has gained valuable expertise in digitalization, future trends, and investing in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her work in these areas has contributed to sustainable development and economic growth in the region.

Prior to her impactful work, Sarah pursued an International and Emerging Markets Business degree at Maastricht University, where she developed a strong foundation in business and economics.

With her focus on fundraising and her diverse experiences in impact investing and global economics, Sarah Löwentraut brings a unique perspective to the field. Her expertise in working with Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals, combined with her commitment to driving positive change, positions her as a valuable asset in achieving fundraising goals and making a meaningful impact in the world.

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