Simon Mitterreiter

Investment Professional

Simon Mitterreiter is an accomplished professional who has served as Chief of Staff to the General Partners. With extensive experience in driving innovation and working closely with thought leaders, Simon has made significant contributions in the realm of digital transformation.

In his role as Chief of Staff to Christoph Keese, a renowned figure in Germany's digital transformation landscape, Simon has gained valuable insights and expertise in driving innovation for clients. His strategic acumen and ability to navigate complex challenges have been instrumental in supporting the success of digital transformation initiatives.

Prior to his role as Chief of Staff, Simon worked as a Research Associate at ESCP Business School, where he obtained a PhD in Business Administration. This educational background has equipped him with a deep understanding of business dynamics and research methodologies.

With a focus on driving innovation, coupled with his experience as Chief of Staff and a research associate, Simon Mitterreiter brings a unique blend of strategic thinking and practical insights to the table. His commitment to excellence and expertise in supporting digital transformation efforts position him as a valuable asset in driving organisational success.

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