Ulrich Hermann

Managing General Partner

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hermann gained decades of experience as an executive in the information solutions, industrial and start-up sectors with a strategic focus on the topic of digitalization. His core theme is the transformation of companies from operationally problematic situations into profitable growth assets. His entrepreneurial work has always been at the center of disruptive changes - first with the emerging importance of the Internet and finally the current radical transformation of the industry in the Internet of Things (IoT).

In 2020 Ulrich was part of a buy in Team to assume responsibility as CEO in the acquisition of an insolvent BEV start up, e.GO Mobile in Aachen, including a factory under full production and 440 employees. Today, Next e.Go mobile has successfully passed listing at NYSE. As the largest minority shareholder, till today Ulrich supports the company in an advisory role as member of the admin board.

Prior to this, Ulrich was member of the Executive Board (Chief Digital Officer, Head of Global Sales and Services, Software and Global IT) of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and assumed responsibility of a P&L of €1.2 bn. Ulrich was the first to introduce Machine as a Service (MaaS) in the industry and shifted the machinery company into recurring revenues, established the “Heidelberg Digital Unit - HDU” and led to a significant increase in earnings.

Before this, as expert of information software solutions business and as seasoned leader of change in transforming organizations, for more than a decade Ulrich has been the European CEO of Wolters Kluwer Germany and Central Europe. Here he was an important driver of the transformation of the global company where Wolters Kluwer transformed from a €2.2 bn declining print business back in 2005 when Ulrich started as CEO in Germany into a €4.3 bn fast growing business in 2016, with more than 90% of recurring revenue based on its todays global digital information and software solutions. Germany and Central Europe have been an instrumental nucleus of such development. Wolters Kluwer's stock market value tripled by 2016 already and tripled until today again.

Ulrich Hermann is a mechanical engineer, started his career at Bertelsmann. He is honorary professor for Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership at the Allensbach Hochschule Konstanz since 2017.

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